At the end of this Module the learner (a VET teacher) will be able to:

  • understand what e-learning is;
  • analyse the different elements of e-learning courses;
  • explore different possibilities of e-learning;
  • adapt the provided contents to your needs;
  • evaluate and develop your learning resources;
  • create simple video contents and publish them online;
  • gain skills in developing core learning resources;
  • discover free tools for content development;
  • understand the online learning environment;
  • make informed decisions about which digital tools to use in your own context;
  • design and facilitate online discussions;
  • manage the discussion forum feature in an online environment;
  • understand best practices for assessment and feedback in your context;
  • apply best practice principles of assessment in your module;
  • decide what assessments are best to use in your module;
  • know how to develop and use grading rubrics.
Unit 3.1: Online Resources: (Re)use and Evaluation
Unit 3.2: Design of Online Activities
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